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Understanding the Importance of Crates

Crating and shipping in Fort Lauderdale and across the world include a critical decision- which crates to choose and whether to transport via air or water. While each method has its own pros and cons, it’s important to relate the right medium and right crate type to the product being shipped. For a crating and shipping company in Fort Lauderdale, this decision can make or break its reputation with its customers.

Crating and Shipping in Fort Lauderdale- Choosing Between Air or Water

Be it air or water, each method comes with its set of considerations and advantages. When it comes to crates used to protect and transport the goods, the decision becomes even more crucial. To offer the best crating and shipping services in Fort Lauderdale, it is important to address these. Here are a few intricate details of shipping crates via water as compared with air:

Crating and Shipping company in Fort Lauderdale Using Water Channels

Shipping through water is quite cost-effective. This is true, especially for large and heavy cargo. If you are trying to contact a company that offers furniture receiving to international destinations, there is a high chance that the company will use a water shipping medium. The same is the case with large containers for furniture delivery. Ocean freight is quite impressive due to the economies of scale offered, helping to minimize transportation expenses.

Crates for Shipping Via Water

There are special crates used for shipping via water. Unlike the crates, these are custom crates used for custom shipping that can withstand long journeys and exposure to certain weather conditions. The crates are sturdy, waterproof, and can handle the pressure during loading and unloading under logistics services.

Lead Time

For water medium, the shipping by sea usually takes longer than the air freight. This is a critical disadvantage and many customers prefer air over water for faster custom packing and crating solutions.

Best Crating and Shipping Services in Fort Lauderdale- Choosing Air

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Higher Speed

A major advantage of air freight is its unparalleled speed. It is often the preferred choice for perishable goods or other items that need to be shipped quickly. Also, professional companies like Axis Logistics Services which offers furniture logistics, use air freight more than often to cater to its customers.

Better security

Airports often have stringent security in place. This offers an added layer of protection to any valuable goods you need to ship through air. This also comes in handy during custom packing and shipping services for certain goods.

Crate types

Crates that are shipped using air medium must strictly adhere to the specific weight and size restrictions. These rules are usually imposed by airlines. For instance, a wood crating company that uses custom designer solutions needs to custom-make a crate to be shipped by air.

Decide the Right Medium with Axis Logistics Services

As you can see, both air and water come with their pros and cons. To get the ideal custom shipping and crating services, get in touch with the team at Axis Logistics Services. The experts will help you decide the best medium that you want to choose, depending on your budget and preferences. Axis Logistics Services provides essential custom packing and crating services in Fort Lauderdale.

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