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We also offers Custom Packing & Shipping services

Dedicated Delivery Specialists: We are Axis Logistic Services, your dedicated delivery specialists. We strive to offer the simplest way to logistics through innovation, dedication, and technology. Axis Logistic Services is an all-inclusive Custom Packing, custom Shipping custom Crating in Miami known for its “can do” attitude. We offer an extensive range of logistics services where your items are crated, shipped, and packed in our up-to-the-minute warehouse facility with utmost care. Whether it’s fragile artwork or oversized machinery, we can easily surpass your shipping requirements with our custom crating and packing in Miami.

In Miami, we specialize in custom packing, crating, and shipping services tailored to your unique needs. Our custom packing in Miami ensures that your items are securely and expertly packaged for safe transport. With custom crating in Miami, we design and construct crates specifically suited to the dimensions and fragility of your belongings, providing maximum protection during transit. And with our custom shipping services in Miami, we handle the logistics to ensure your items reach their destination efficiently and on time. Trust us for all your custom packing, crating, and shipping needs in Miami, where personalized solutions meet professional expertise.

Our Services:

1. Custom Packing:

Guidance for Custom Crating and Packing in Miami:

Helping our clients understand our packing process, we like to keep everyone in the cycle. Our team helps our clients understand how everything is taken into consideration with logistics, from shipping methods to the size and value of the goods.

Best Quality Materials:

Poor quality materials can reduce the life of the goods. To that end, we use only branded and top-quality packing material for shipping. Our custom-fit boxes, cushions, wraps, etc. offer maximum protection to your goods. We also offer reliable shipping and packing for furniture crating in Miami.

A Unique Logistics Approach:

We do not go for a “one for all” approach. Our services are tailored to each client and we can customize our logistics solutions for various requirements.

2. Custom Crating in Miami

Tailormade Crating Solutions:

We do not categorize all goods under the same packing levels. Our packing and crating solutions are customized for each good we undertake. We ensure that the crating results in a snug and secure fit.

Shockproof Crating

Whether it's a delicate piece of art or a robust part of machinery, all our crating is shockproof. You can count on us with any sort of delicate item and it will be intact during the entire shipping process.

Climate Control:

Our climate-controlled crating solutions work wonders for sensitive items. Such crating helps protect the item against temperature and even humidity alterations.

3. Best-in-Class Shipping:

International reach

Our global reach expands beyond seas and boundaries. No matter where you want the item or goods to reach, we can make it a reality.


International shipping often deems various types of documents. Worry not as we can handle it with all documentation.

Tracking and Monitoring:

Our entire tracking is online and visible to the client. You can even take advantage of our monitoring services that offer recent status and location of your goods in process for custom crating in Miami.

Why Choose Axis Logistic Services?

Fully-Integrated Solutions for Furniture Crating in Miami

We offer logistics on land, sea, and air with all-inclusive services, storage, and shipment. We take care of the entire supply chain for large and small-scale companies in Fort Lauderdale.

End-to-End Cargo Solutions

We offer cargo solutions that provide businesses with a global reach like never before. Our partnerships and technology combine to offer world-class logistics at an affordable price.

Multi-Modal Approach

Our unique approach helps reduce transit times. This further ensures that your cargo reaches the destination within time and in a secure manner.

A smarter trade

We are one of the emerging smart logistics solutions providers in the region. Using tools like big data and cloud, we help trade flow across the globe.

Connections that work

Our coastal, seaport, intercity, and international connections help in offering a logistics supply chain that is unobstructed and seamless. We can make the goods reach any destination with ease.

We are a licensed and Insured agency:

Axis Logistic Services is a fully insured and licensed company.

You can trust us for your simple and advanced Custom Packing, Crating, and Shipping needs. We are committed to setting the benchmarks that others live up to. 

Contact us to discuss your requirements- all without any obligations. 

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