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Welcome to Axis Logistics Services. We are your trusted partner for all types of logistics services in Fort Lauderdale, including shipping, packing, crating, and much more.

We stand at the forefront of logistics innovation, using the latest tools and technologies to provide our customers with high-end services, including shipping and crating in Fort Lauderdale.

1. Why Logistics Matter in Custom Crating in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

In the dynamic landscape of Fort Lauderdale, finding a good shipping company can be overwhelming, since there are plenty of options available. However, if you approach us, you can easily avail effective and reliable logistics services, at an affordable cost. We are self-driven to provide world-class services.

From custom crating to shipping and beyond, our services encompass every aspect of the logistics chain. You can also approach us for furniture assembly and furniture receiving services in Fort Lauderdale. Our tailored solutions can easily meet the diverse needs of customers, clients, businesses, and other entities.

Being a reputable company, we go the extra mile to offer custom packing and crating solutions for your belongings. Be it a large furniture piece or a small electronic gadget, we pack and ship it with the utmost care and precision.

2. Why Opt for Custom Wood Crates for Shipping in Fort Lauderdale by AXIS LOGISTICS SERVICES

At Axis Logistics Services, your good’s safety is our top priority. Hence, we utilize high-quality and specific materials along with precise techniques, ensuring every item is safe. This helps us act as a reliable wood crating company in Fort Lauderdale.

Safe and secure handling

We deal with the shipment as if it’s our own belongings. Our experienced logistics staff and employees handle each product carefully. Our crating ensures proper crating and snug fit, keeping in mind the emotional and financial value of the product.

Expertise in delicate and fragile items

We take extra care to handle products like electronics, glassware, machinery, and furniture. We even go the extra mile to offer custom crating solutions for these products, to ensure safety throughout shipping.

Bespoke Crating

We believe that no two shipments are alike. To that end, we offer custom shipping, crating, and packing solutions. This includes specifically handling the product, considering its destination, weight, and type. To further make things certain, we use good quality wooden shipping crates in Fort Lauderdale.

Our team is experienced in manufacturing custom-sized wooden boxes, designed to fit your products snugly. These are easy to ship, safe to pack, and are eco-friendly too.

3. Here are a Few More Reasons How and Why Our Company Stands Out:
A. High-Quality Manufacturing

Each of our wooden crates is manufactured with quality and precision in mind. These are made with a fool-proof mechanism that helps keep the product safe and sturdy.

B. End-to-End Logistics Solutions

The custom wooden crates are a part of our end-to-end logistics solutions. This means that we can take care of all the steps of logistics, from pickup to packing and delivery to assembly in Fort Lauderdale.

C. Efficient and reliable

Backed by years of experience and a trustworthy reputation, our company stands as an epitome of ideal logistics service providers in Fort Lauderdale. You can easily rely on our efficient shipping and crating services.

D. Custom support

We provide 24/7 customer support to all our clients and customers. Our team of customer representatives is always ready to help you out, be it a query about shipment or detailed information about our services.

A. Done The Right Way

For homeowners, furniture holds immense functional and emotional value. At Axis Logistics Services, we apprehend the importance of shipping, packing, and handling your cherished furniture item with sheer care. Our expert team offers furniture logistics services in Fort Lauderdale, ensuring that the furniture is delivered in pristine condition. To ensure further safety, we make use of custom shipping crates in Fort Lauderdale.

Every piece of furniture is unique, and so is our approach to crating it. The custom-designed crates we use are tailored to match the specific dimensions, shape, size, and characteristics of the furniture. This ensures a perfect fit and enhanced protection during the transit process. Be it a delicate antique or a modern designer piece. Our crating solutions provide the maximum level of security. We can also help ship large sets of furniture in Fort Lauderdale.

B. Professional Packing

Our team of seasoned professionals is skilled in the art of packing. We use high-quality materials and advanced techniques to secure your furniture, preventing any damage during the shipping process. From protective wraps to reinforced crates, we ensure that your items are safe from the moment they leave your premises until they reach their destination.


You can easily expect clutter-free and customer-centric packing and crating services from Axis Logistics Services. Using high-quality shipping crates for moving in Fort Lauderdale, we help you to stay worry-free as our logistics solutions are quite reliable. You can also expect efficient and prompt customer service from our company.

Get your free furniture shipping estimate right now

If you are planning to ship your furniture, you need not worry about the pricing or estimates. You can simply get in touch with our customer representative and get the quotes promptly.

A. Competitive Pricing

Our service costs are one of the most competitive in the market. We understand the shipping process and offer pricing with minimum margins, to let customers enjoy our services without breaking the bank.

B. No hidden charges

Our charges are inclusive and do not include any hidden fees or charges. We work with the ethos of transparency and hence, all our prices are upfront.

C. Easy Quotation tools

You can use our website to get easy quotes on your furniture shipping. This is done as per the weight and the distance of the product. Using our estimator tool, you can get quotes instantly.

D. Real-time tracking

Our tracking system offers real-time tracking status of your product from the moment it leaves our warehouse. You can also get other details such as invoices, addresses, estimated delivery time, etc.

E. Professional packing

We use industry-grade materials in packing the shipment. The products we use are of high quality and do not leave a carbon footprint on the environment.

F. Personalized service

We are committed to offering personalized service as per your shipping needs. We can also create custom crates for your furniture so that it travels safely.

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